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    Wisdom Tooth Pain Relief

    Wisdom Tooth Pain Relief


    Wisdom teeth start to grow between the ages of 15 and 25. Because of this, gum problems may arise due to the overcrowding of the teeth and the swelling of the gum tissues. The condition may lead to stiffness of the jaw and pain within the area of the growing tooth. When a wisdom tooth grows, you may experience significant pain and irritation on the gum line and inner area of the cheek. The pain due to a growing wisdom tooth can be very uncomfortable and this can disrupt your daily activity.


    However, you should also know that there are home and herbal remedies that you can opt for to help you deal with this condition. These remedies may not be effective for everyone so if you prefer to consume medications for the pain, that can be helpful as well. With the pain due to growing wisdom tooth, you can try a wisdom tooth pain relief to alleviate the symptoms. Some of the home and herbal remedies include the following:

    • Peppermint leaves:  you can place dried peppermint leaves on the growing wisdom tooth for at least 15 minutes up to 10 times a day to help reduce the pain and extract the pus from the abscess if there is any. Make sure that you keep the leaves inside your mouth for not less not 15 minutes and not more than 20 minutes.
    • Cucumber:  a slice of chilled cucumber held around your teeth can also help soothe your gums and reduce the pain. Make sure to opt for large pieces and place them in your mouth for at least 20 to 30 minutes so that your gum line can absorb the vitamins and minerals from the cucumber.
    • Ice:   sucking ice cubs or placing an ice pack on your gum line can help numb the area and provide relief from pain. This can reduce the persistent and throbbing pain on your forehead and temples.
    • Garlic and Salt: this is a popular remedy against toothache due to growing wisdom tooth. Simple cut a clove of garlic and top it with salt. Chew both garlic and salt for several minutes until you are relieved of the pain.
    • Clove oil:  this can also be used against the pain due to a growing wisdom tooth. Just apply the oil using a cotton swab to your gum line and leave it there for several minutes until the pain disappear.

    Since these are natural remedies, you can use any of these as a wisdom tooth pain relief without any side effects. However, as mentioned, in case the pain is severe and unbearable, it is still best to seek your dentist’s help regarding your condition.


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