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    Tooth Abscess Pain Relief

    Tooth Abscess Pain Relief

    In case you are suffering from a tooth abscess, the first thing that you have to do is to see your dentist immediately. Upon checkup, your dentist will drain the pus to alleviate the symptoms. This is considered as the most effective tooth abscess pain relief. This is done lancing the tooth abscess or drilling a small hole in your tooth to allow the pus to escape. In case there is infection, you will be prescribed with antibiotics to treat the infection after the pus was drained.

    In case there is a delay in visiting your dentist, a physician may give you a prescription for an antibiotic that will help you prevent the abscess from worsening or spreading. However, you should know that an antibiotic could not clear the pus or cure the abscess. Even if the pain subsides, it will still be necessary to visit your physician. You can also opt for a painkiller such as ibuprofen or paracetamol to drain and treat the abscess. In case these are not enough to reduce the pain, you might need to ask your physician for a stronger brand or higher dosage.

    In case of a periapical abscess, the best solution for this is a root canal treatment. The treatment is focused on saving and restoring the damaged inner part of the tooth. Your dentist will start by drilling into the damaged tooth and drain the pus before removing the dead tissue. A root filling will then be placed into your tooth in order to fill the space and prevent infection from occurring. Take note that although pus drainage can ease the pain, you still need to go through this method to permanently treat the condition.
    For periodontal abscess cases, the treatment will start with the draining of the pus. The pocket where the pus came from should be cleaned properly. After that, your dentist will start smoothing out the surfaces of the root of your tooth to allow the gum to close and to eliminate the pocket. This treatment method is helpful in preventing the infection from recurring. In case you are suffering from periodontal abscess and the tooth abscess pain relief is not effective anymore, you will be referred to a dental surgeon to carry on a treatment procedure for your condition.


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