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    Natural Tooth Pain Relief

    Natural Tooth Pain ReliefPainkillers are considered as the most helpful relief against tooth pain. However, these painkillers may come with side effects and it may not be good for your health. With that being said, you can look for a natural tooth pain relief instead of opting for medications. There are various home and herbal remedies that you can resort to against tooth pain and this include the following:

    • Clove is one of the most effective remedy against tooth pain. You may opt for clove oil or you can grind the buds to fine powder and place it on the affected tooth in order to relieve the pain.
    • Aside from clove, you can also use Jamaica pepper. Although this can only provide you with temporary relief, it can still help you deal with tooth or gum pain quickly.
    • Just like the first two remedies, ginger, garlic and turmeric can also be helpful against tooth pain and these are readily available at home. You can crush a garlic clove and hold it on the affected tooth or simply mix turmeric or ginger with water to come up with a paste that you can apply topically to reduce the pain.
    • You can also opt for flowering herbs like Acmella oleracea, which is also a great remedy against tooth pain. Simply apply the flower on the aching area and let its analgesic property numb the pain.
    • Another effective relief is the aromatic leaves of Leptospermum scoparium, which has natural antibacterial properties. You can use this by preparing a solution from it. Simply add a small amount of tea tree oil to water and use it as a mouth wash to reduce the pain and inflammation and relieve discomfort.

    Although these herbs are helpful against tooth pain, you should know that these could not provide a permanent relief. You will still need to check with your dentist to determine the condition of your tooth and decide for the right treatment. A natural tooth pain relief can help you alleviate the pain and other symptoms, especially if you cannot visit your dentist yet. However, cracked tooth might need to be removed to prevent the condition from recurring and this has to be done with the help of your dentist.


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