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    Cracked Tooth Pain Relief

    Cracked Tooth Pain ReliefA cracked or broken tooth is often one of the most common causes of toothache. If you do have a cracked tooth and you cannot visit your dentist immediately, remember that there is a cracked tooth pain relief available for you. Some of the available remedies that you can opt for include the following:

    • Foods and Beverages: the dentin layer of your tooth may have been exposed to extreme temperatures due to the crack and this causes tooth pain. To prevent this, make sure that you avoid eating or drinking hot and cold foods or beverages.
    • Painkiller Medicines: you can use a painkiller for your condition. However, you have to make sure that you avoid overusing it, as you may become dependent to it and it can have adverse effects on your body as well. Pain relief medications that are intended for reducing inflammation is usually the most effective against this type of pain. Since most tooth pain is due to an inflammation of the nerves or tissues, reducing the inflammation is often the best way to reduce the pain. However, make sure that you avoid putting a medication on your gum tissue or your tooth as this may result to a burning sensation.
    • Floss in between the cracks: if you have a cracked tooth, make sure that you remove food particles and plaque in order to reduce the pain due to your tooth’s condition.
    • Use of clove oil of cloves or eugenol: eugenol can be found in health food stores and is being used in dental materials due to its natural anesthetic and antiseptic properties. Using clove oil or eugenol at home can help reduce the pain due to cracked tooth. Simply soak a cotton swab in the oil and use a tweezers to hold the cotton on the affected tooth for at least 10 seconds. However, make sure that you avoid swallowing the oil.
    • Seal the crack: in some pharmacies, you can find OTC filling materials that you can use temporarily to seal the crack and prevent it from aching.

    Tooth pain due to a cracked tooth usually come and goes easily. However, do not just ignore it just because it is not aching anymore. You still have to visit your dentist for a permanent cracked tooth pain relief in order to prevent the condition from recurring in the future.


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