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    Tooth Pain Relief

    Tooth Pain Relief

    Tooth pain is considered as one of the most common dental problems a person may experience in his or her lifetime. Some people cannot endure the pain for a long time and this can be experienced by anyone regardless of age. Tooth pain is often due to various reasons. Some people may tend to ignore this condition thinking that it will eventually go away after several hours. However, you should know that ignoring the pain could only worsen the condition.

    Mild tooth pain can be easily relieved by following simple methods. However, if the condition comes with an unendurable pain, it might require diagnosis to determine the cause and administer the right treatment. There may be times when your dentist is unavailable just when you are experiencing chronic pain. Because of this, the only remedies that you can resort to are painkillers for an effective tooth pain relief. This will help you endure the pain and discomfort until your dentist check the condition.

    Causes of Tooth Pain

    Tooth pain is often due to various causes like tooth abscess, tooth decay, gum diseases, cracked tooth, tooth root sensitivity and temporomandibular disease among others. It can also be due to the tooth itself and the surrounding gums and muscles. An erupting wisdom tooth is another common cause of tooth pain. The condition can also be due to improper maintenance and lack of oral hygiene. The pain due to these causes can be relieved using painkillers but you can also opt for a tooth pain relief that you can find at home.

    Tooth Pain Remedies

    Painkillers are considered as the best option against tooth pain. This may include aspirin and ibuprofen, which are helpful against pain and in providing relief. However, excessive or frequent usage of these medications may lead to various dental problems and complications. To prevent this, you may opt for a natural tooth pain relief instead. Some of the most common remedies against tooth pain include the following:

    • Onions: this contains natural anti-bacterial properties. If you place a slice of onion into the affected tooth or gum for at least three minutes it can relieve tooth pain. You can also chew on the onion to prevent tooth problems.
    • Cloves: this is another effective tooth pain relief. Cloves have natural analgesic properties that Is helpful in soothing toothache. Simply applying clove oil into your gums or biting a clove for several minutes can already help you relieve tooth pain.
    • Pepper: mixing pepper with a pinch of salt and a few drops of salt can be used as a topical relief against tooth pain.
    • Asafetida: you can create a mixture with half teaspoon of asafetida and a few drops of lemon. You can apply the mixture into the affected area and leave it there for several minutes. This can help relieve tooth pain immediately.
    • Bay Berry: the bark of bay berry can be grounded and mixed with vinegar and used as a treatment for tooth pain.
    • Wheat Grass: this is also an effective tooth pain relief. Simply chew wheat grass leaves to relieve pain and maintain a good dental health.
    • Whiskey: you may find this surprising but it is true that swishing your mouth with whiskey can relieve your tooth pain condition immediately. This is because the alcohol can be absorbed by the gums to numb the affected area.
    • Acupressure: acupressure is also effective against tooth pain as it can help stimulate the nerves, thus reducing the pain and relieving the condition. The pressure points for relieving tooth pain can be found on the tips of the index fingers, on the cheekbone, at the ear lobe, anklebone and jawbone. Putting pressure into these points at least three times a day can help relieve tooth pain.
    • Aromatherapy: this is another effective tooth pain relief. Simply prepare a mixture with four drops of essential oils like chamomile oil, clove bud oil, vegetable oil and orange oil. You can use this mixture to relieve tooth pain immediately.

    Any of the above-mentioned remedies can be used against tooth pain. However, aside from all these, you also have to maintain proper oral hygiene. Make sure that you brush your teeth at least three times a day, floss and rinse your mouth with an alcohol-free mouthwash to maintain oral health. However, there are certain tooth pain causes that may require surgery. For this, make sure that you visit your dentist for a consultation and determine the root cause of the condition.

    You also have to remember that you should avoid things that can cause tooth pain. Excessive consumption of sweet treats may result to tooth pain as well as frequent smoking of cigarettes. All these should be avoided to prevent damage in the teeth enamel and prevent tooth pain as well. You also have to make sure that you change your toothbrush every three months to maintain its effectiveness against cavities and other gum problems.